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Gravid Fotografering


Being pregnant is such a special experience. It also flies by so quickly which is why I’d like to help you capture this amazing time with Gravid Fotografering.

The recommended stage of your pregnancy for photographing is around 32 – 34 weeks. This is when your belly is nice and round and perfect for photographs. If you’d like to capture your whole journey we offer packages so that you can do just that. At Timeglas Foto we tailor packages specifically for you and how you want to document this special time in your life.

Gravidfotografering includes a pre-session consultation where we get to talk about how you’d like to be photographed. We discuss the style of the shoot and advise on what to wear and bring on the day.  I will ensure to capture you at your most beautiful and in the most flattering way for your body.

Gravid Fotografering over on the blog:  GRAVID

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