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Smash a Cake

This smash a cake session was for the very pretty Castania for her 1st birthday! It was setup with grey and white damask vintage background, grey and cream lace dress and headband with hints of pinks in the balloons and cake 🙂

This little beauty sat there for quite a while eating and enjoying her cake! She looked very pretty in her lace attire.

Smash a cake sessions can be tailored to your liking. You can pick the colours or a theme for your little one!

You can never tell how your baby will react to their very own cake. Some smash into it with smiles and giggles whilst others carefully pick and eat! It could also happen that your baby doesn’t wish to touch the cake at all which is perfectly ok. During these sessions we take the time to play and sing with your child if they are a bit unsure of what’s happening. Crying is also something parents should expect during these sessions which is perfectly normal. In these moments we take your baby offset to comfort them until they are ready to try again. With tears, smiles and icing faces this makes for a wonderful collection of images for your smash a cake session!

Here are just a couple of images from this session.  Castania’s mum and dad also opted to have the portrait add-on which we do at the beginning of the session. For more information check out the cake smash page: Cake Smashes


Smash a cake Timeglas-Foto 5441


smash a cake Timeglas-Foto-0893